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Some elite universities have announced testing is an admission requirement for the class of 2025. Yale even announced that testing is the new most important factor in admissions. Additionally, due to the rising use of AI as ghostwriters, some schools such as Duke now give little weight to essays. They stated that content and applicant insight in essays matter more than writing prowess.


As we have talked about in English please remember to prepare for the SAT in October and capitalize on summer opportunities such as with college summer classes, internships, or passion projects. Under the student opportunities section you can find resources for internships, volunteering, research, summer programs, online courses, scholarships, and college fly-in programs. Come to the College Center anytime if you have questions or need application help!



We can assist with:

  • Understanding college requirements and post-secondary options
  • Creating a path, summer programs/internships, and course selection
  • Applying for college-ready courses, community college, and/or Advanced Placement "AP"
  • Applying to post-secondary institutions (public, private, 2-year, 4-year, vocational/certificated, ROTC, career training, military schools...)
  • Financial Aid application completion support, scholarship and scholarship programs information
  • College application advisement based on your personal data
  • Advisement and fee waivers for SAT, and ACT
  • Senior transcripts via Naviance eDocs
  • Information about upcoming college fairs and/or on-campus visits

Please stop by room 300 for support!


If you need academic support please contact your Academic Counselor:





PERSEVERANCE, LEARNING, STUDYING, SACRIFICE, AND MOST OF ALL, LOVE OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING OR LEARNING TO DO.” Knights, it is my pleasure to accompany you during your last four years of secondary education. I hope we will be able to work together to guide you onto the path of success you chose after high school. 


Please feel free to stop by the College Center (room 300) to say hello, ask questions, or simply find a place to connect, belong, or contribute!